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FRAMED - Andi Wittmann Rider profile

FRAMED ist ein fantastischer Kurzfilm von Felix Urbauer. Der MTB Fahrer Andi Wittmann zeigt an verschiedenen atemberaubenden Orten seine Tricks.

Hier noch die Videobeschreibung der Macher:

here we are.
this is basically a pilot-project,something that andi wittmann thought about for a while,and then came over to ask me if im interested.
we`ve both been pretty busy over the summer,but we managed to squeeze in a few days,to see how this could turn out.
so we filmed a little riderprofile,showing andi doing what he feels like doing,and thats pretty much it.
i hope you like it the way we do,as this might be just the start of sth new in 2011,but...we´ll see.
for now...hello winter!

song radical face-welcome home
for a download worth its money go to itunes.apple.com/​ch/​artist/​radical-face/​id208094291

filmed with red one,sony ex1,canon mark2D5
edited with adobe premiere cs5 and after effects.

Additional Info

  • Copyright: (Text: © DEC| Video: © Felix Urbauer )